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Frequently Asked Questions

Blusafe Smart Handle’s FAQ

How many fingerprints can be stored on the Blusafe Origin Smart Handle?
A total of 50 fingerprints can be stored.

Are Blusafe Smart Handles waterproof and fog-resistant?
Yes, all Blusafe Smart Handle products feature waterproof and fog resistant handles. The water-resistant grade for Blusafe smart handles is IP65. IP65 is the highest industry standard for smart technology. However, it is necessary to keep your finger clean and dry to effectively use your Blusafe smart handle.

What if the handle does not read my fingerprint?
In the event that your Blusafe Smart Handle does not read your fingerprint, ensure that the surface is clean and dry for use and that a registered fingerprint is attempting to open the door. If the issue persists, please refer to your user manual.

How do I add or delete a fingerprint?
To add or delete a fingerprint, use the Blusafe Smart Handle App. Fingerprints can also be added by holding down the settings button on your Blusafe Smart handle, however fingerprints can only be deleted through the Blusafe Smart Handle App.
How long does the fingerprint panel last?
10 years.

Can someone duplicate my fingerprint?
No. Duplicate fingerprints are not effective on Blusafe Smart Handles. As biometric fingerprint technology is used, the lock will not operate even if the fingerprint has been duplicated.

Can I use the lock if my fingerprint is damaged?
No, if your finger is seriously injured and the recorded print is damaged it will not unlock. The Blusafe Smart Handle fingerprint technology is extremely sensitive. We suggest storing the fingerprint on more than one finger in the case that one is injured or damaged.

What if after installation the handle does not recognize my fingerprint?
In the event that after you have installed your Blusafe Smart Handle your fingerprint is not responsive, please refer to your user manual. If the issue persists, please contact your nearest distributor.

How many IC cards can be registered on a Blusafe Smart Handle?
50 IC cards can be stored.

If I lose my IC card, where can I get a replacement?
Each Blusafe IC card is unique to each style of smart handle. A replacement will need to be purchased from our website or a registered distributor.

Why is my IC card unresponsive?
In the event that your IC card is unresponsive, ensure you are placing your card directly on the sensor as depicted in the user manual. If the issue persists, please contact your nearest distributor.

How do I add or delete an IC card?
To add or delete an IC card, use the Blusafe Smart Handle App. IC cards can also be added by holding down the settings button on your Blusafe Smart handle, however IC cards can only be deleted through the Blusafe Smart Handle App.

How do I manage IC cards and fingerprints?
All IC cards and fingerprints can be managed through the Blusafe Smart Handle App. Features include adding, deleting and renaming users.

How many administrators can be set by your Blusafe Smart Handle?
Only one person can be the administrator of a Blusafe Smart Handle. The first user to record their fingerprint during installation will be the administrator by default.

Can Blusafe Smart Handle App be downloaded from the App Store or Android Market?
Yes. Search for “Blusafe” on App Store or Google Play.

If I lose access to the app, how can I manage my Blusafe Smart Handle?
In the event you lose access to the Blusafe Smart Handle App, you are able to login from another device with the same information.

I have tried to unlock my handle in the App, why is it still locked?
Follow the on-screen instructions on the Blusafe Smart Handle App. Touch the highlighted area as displayed in the app for the lock to function.

Can the Blusafe Smart Handle be unlocked remotely?
No. For safety purposes, the Blusafe Smart Handle is operated by Bluetooth and must be operated within close proximity to function.

How can I give guests a temporary password?
Any temporary or permanent password code can be sent to your delegated guest’s email. For your guest to gain access, they must download the Blusafe Smart Handle app and register. Registration is free!

Can user data be stolen from my Blusafe Smart Handle?
No. The Blusafe Smart Handle saves user data locally and cannot be hacked through an online server. User data is protected as it is stored on the handle.

How far away can I be from my door to unlock it?
The effective distance is 5 meters. However, keep in mind that to unlock the door remotely the wake-up area needs to be activated.

What is the average battery life?
1 year with fully charged batteries.

What can I do if the battery runs out completely?
Voice prompts will be heard before the battery runs out. If the battery completely runs out, you could use a portable power pack to charge the handle by connecting to the backup power located at the bottom of The Blusafe Smart Handle external backplate. Then unlock your handle and replace the batteries.

Will my fingerprints be wiped if the battery dies?
No, all user’s data is stored on The Blusafe Smart Handles hard drive.

Why is battery consumption faster than normal level?
This may occur if a combination of new and used batteries or mixed branded batteries are used. Instead, use a new set of same branded battery. Please contact your nearest distributor if this problem is still unsolved.

How long does my warranty last?
Blusafe provides a 1-year warranty for electronic parts and a 3-year warranty for hardware parts. Blusafe Smart Handle can last up to ten years with proper care.

How do I look after my Blusafe Smart Handle?
Ensure you keep the lock clean and regularly check the fingerprint panel to maximize the Blusafe Smart Handles life span.

Can someone break my lock and enter my house?
If force is applied to the Blusafe Smart Handle and it is broken in the process, the Handle will not open. Once excessive force is applied the door will not unlock.

Can Blusafe Smart Handles be fitted to any type of door?
Yes. If you are uncertain about whether your door is compatible with Blusafe Smart Handle, there are a range of packers available on our website.

Do I need to get a new door for my Blusafe Smart Handle?
Of course not! Blusafe Smart Handles can be retrofitted to all existing doors, some may require more skill than others. Contact your local distributor to organize a qualified tradesman for assistance.

What if I forget to lock my door?
The Blusafe Smart Handle will give an audible prompt when the door has been left unlocked.

What Does “Time Synchronization” mean?
Each Blusafe Smart Handle comes with the date set to 01-01-2000. After installation it is advised to set the correct date to keep the fingerprint history as accurate as possible. To do so you must use the Blusafe Smart Handle app.